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An internship with A.T. Kearney is a unique opportunity for fresh graduates or university students to get first-hand experience of a consultant’s work in one of the world’s most prestigious consulting firms. An internship with us is a minimum of eight-weeks, during which you become a fully recognized member of our team. We require you to be available at least 60 percent of your time every week. 

In terms of work content, the responsibilities of an intern are essentially the same as those of our business analysts. One of our consultants will be a mentor assigned to you throughout the intensive time you spend with us. He or she will guide you, give you invaluable advice, and provide constructive feedback to help you develop along the way.

Apart from competitive remuneration (compared with our main competitors—first tier consulting companies), you have a chance to get an offer for a full-time position with our company at the end of your internship.

The recruiting process for internships is simplified. It consists of a written test and two rounds of interviews. See the Recruiting process section for more details.

Summer Trainee@Europe Summer Trainee@Europe

6 months projects + 3 different countries = 1 lifetime experience
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